Our Other Products

Pelts, Apparel, and Furniture

As the farm grows we’re working hard to find markets for everything possible from our sheep, for the simple reason that it’s a shame to waste anything from these wonderful creatures. We are are constantly looking to expand our Farm’s diversity by developing new products from our flock and introducing compatible animal species or plants.
We currently sell Pelts, Apparel, and Furniture featuring our unique sheep skins. The Green Shepherd Farm’s lamb sheepskins are superior to others because of the unique wool quality of the Finnish Land Race sheep in our flock, our special tanning process, and the extra care we put into our lambs as they grow to market size.
Finnsheep have extremely soft, subtly colored, and extra long “Mongolian Style” wool (approx. 3” staple). Each pelt is hand prepared and salted, then professionally tanned in the USA.
All our Finnsheep pelts are natural color, machine washable, and individually inspected. Most are dark brown or nearly black, and we have a limited number of white or cream colored ones available.
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Finnsheep have beautiful wool that can be made into exceptionally good felt or spun for knitting.
We shear our Finnsheep once a year, and raw wool is available in the early spring. Also, we have a limited supply of yarn and roving still available.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like more information about our farm products.