Our farm practices environmentally sound rotational grazing, guaranteeing you that we raise healthy animals, and at the same time improve the pasture they thrive on, as well as the local biodiversity and environment.
A natural, clean, and low-stress life for our flock gives our healthy-eating, and very tender lamb an exceptionally light and delicate favor, as well as being rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Lamb selected “for the table” receive no grain or medication at all unless their health is in danger. We do not administer hormones of any kind. Our lamb is processed at a local, certified humane, U.S.D.A. inspected slaughter house. All retail cuts are vacuum-packed and frozen. Properly stored, your frozen lamb will retain its fresh taste for at least eight months.
Due to the low lanolin content of their wool, Finnsheep have a uniquely “non-gamey” taste; think of it as “the veal of lamb.” Try it at first with just a little salt and pepper, then adjust your favorite recipes to suit.
The Cooking Tips page has general information on how best to cook our unique grass~raised lamb.
We have posted some of our favorite recipes, and there is a page of links to other websites that have a world of fascinating ways to prepare lamb.