We are happy to take orders for whole lamb directly at the farm. We usually have lambs available at roasting sizes by the spring holidays, however most customers prefer to reserve one (or more) and wait until they reach market weight before pick up. As a small but growing farm, we have only a limited number of lambs for sale each year. Generally they reach market weight in late October, but we usually sell out much sooner, so be sure to order early!
The price is determined by the hanging weight and processing/trucking costs, which are set annually. Hanging weight is a standard measure in the industry that is provided by the slaughter house for each carcass. The processing cost varies depending on your request; e.g. Whole, Primal, or Retail cut.
Lamb orders can be retail cut to your request. We are happy to help you get the right cuts for your table. See our Cuts and Lamb Chart pages for more information.
All lamb is processed at a local, certified humane, U.S.D.A. inspected slaughter house. All retail cuts are vacuum-packed and frozen. Whole and Primal cuts may be ordered frozen or fresh. Note that inspectors may not pass all cuts or organs, these will not be included in your order.
Our Finnsheep have an average hanging weight of 30 to 35 pounds. A whole lamb, cut into typical retail cuts, weighs an average of 24 to 27 pounds, and will fit into a standard milk-crate sized space. Reserving bones and organs can add several pounds to the take-home weight. Properly stored, your frozen lamb will retain its fresh taste for at least eight months.

Live, Custom Slaughter, and Wholesale

Religious slaughter is available at our processor, however you must provide the religious supervisor and anything else that is required. Please contact us in advance, so that we can coordinate everyone’s schedules.
Our Finnsheep may also be purchased live from the farm for your own consumption. You may slaughter your lamb here, but please note that a farm representative must be present to ensure that the process is carried out in a humane manner. Legally, the farm can provide water, but not assist in any other way.
We offer a discount on trucking for orders of four or more lambs. Grain finishing, restaurant and distributor orders can be accommodated with advance notice. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.