Finnsheep are a fantastic breed to be raising in New York. Their Scandinavian heritage makes them especially tolerant of our long winters and cool summers here in the Catskills. They are energetic,  playful animals that love to interact with people… especially if you have a handful of pistachios.
In keeping with the fundamentals of ecological farming, we strive to conserve vital resources, making sure we do not overburden our waters, soils & surrounding natural habitats. By maintaining the ecological balance on and around the farm, we ensure the quality and health of our flock and farmland will always be the best. Our management policies underscore our commitment to good farming practices that improve the well-being of both the flock and environment.
They are a “land race” rather than a breed of sheep; meaning that their genetics have been less manipulated over the centuries by farmers trying to improve productivity. This gives them a stronger resistance to disease and a wide variety of coloring.
The lambs are born in early spring and stay with their mothers until naturally weaned by late summer. Rotational grazing keeps the whole flock feeding on fresh wholesome grass well past the first snowfall. It also improves their well being and naturally fertilizes the pasture for next year. They are never confined, spending days and nights moving between the pasture and barn at will.
The lambs reach market weight by late October or November, and are ready for our customers to pick up a few weeks later. Lambs selected “for the table” receive no grain or medication at all unless their health is in danger. We do not administer hormones of any kind.
The breeding flock has access to the outdoors all year. The barn has passive solar heat, and a rain catch watering system. Winter feed is locally grown grain and hay. We provide mineral supplements and ensure their rations are nutritionally balanced to provide optimum health throughout the critical gestation cycle. They are vaccinated and dewormed only as required.
The sidebar links are to several websites that provide high quality information about Sheep history, biology, health, management, and more.