Stephen and Annette started the Green Shepherd Farm in 2008, beginning with an empty, unused field, four ewes, one ram, 330 feet of electric fence, and a tent. In 2010 we became an LLC. and began the the journey to a full-time farm operation. Today, we graze a flock of over 60 sheep all summer, over-winter 23 adults in our specially designed sheep barn, and produce over 1,000 pounds of lamb meat a year.
Our farm is located on a North-facing hillside in the Western Catskills area of the New York City Watershed. In order to make the best of our land, we employ both old-time wisdom, and cutting edge technology. Satellite imagery, CAD software, mud boots, and a 300 foot measuring tape give us the precise information we need to plan our grazing strategy. Spreadsheets calculate the most efficient mix of our winter feed inventory, and ensure that our ewes receive the correct nutrition for each stage of their gestation cycle. A system of “Lamb Cams” allow us to monitor the flock on a constant basis; most critical during lambing season.
The links below provide details of different aspects of our farm, practices, and products. We take orders for whole lamb directly at the farm, and our lamb and sheep products are also available at several local retail stores. The farm works closely with several local agricultural and conservation programs.