We welcome day visits, just call in advance.
Cell phones generally do NOT work up here, so have GPS or complete directions before leaving. Give a honk or two when you get here, depending on where we happen to be, we don’t always hear visitors arriving.
Dogs are welcome, but please be aware that we have cats and other free-range livestock around, and that the surrounding woods are full of wildlife. Locating a lost pet can be difficult or impossible.
Green Shepherd Farm is in its second year offering an Internship program primarily for Veterinary-track undergraduate students. In association with Cornell University and SUNY Cobleskill the farm provides a fun and intensive learning opportunity. Any student with an interest in livestock farming is welcome to apply.
Applicants are encouraged to tailor the internship to fit their future goals and current schedule. Spring lambing, summer grazing, or fall to winter preparation each have their own challenges to the livestock vet. Please plan for a minimum of two to three weeks; just learning “the ropes” takes some time.
The internship is structured into three basic areas; Flock Health, Farm Management & Maintenance, and the intern’s Self-Directed Project.
Flock Health
  • Check daily for pregnant ewes, injured or unusual animal behavior, & general flock health and safety
  • Maintain weight records for market lamb ADG estimates
  • Maintain BCS for flock
  • Assist with as-needed first-aid, FAMACHA, medications / dosing, and veterinary visits
  • Notes will become part of the animal’s permanent record. The farm is developing methods to collect imagery and data electronically in the field for computer analysis and recording.
Farm Management & Maintenance
  • Assist with lambing, grazing, herd management
  • Assist with feed, water, and rotational fencing
  • Assist with general farm maintenance & improvement tasks
Self-Directed Project
  • Develop & implement a self-directed flock health or management research project
  • This could be any topic that the intern decides, either on-farm or locally.
  • The project should not interfere with the farm’s operation and the intern’s ability to fulfill the Flock Health or Management & Maintenance stipulations of the internship.
  • The internship is not paid, and unfortunately the farmhouse does not have a guest-room. The farm will assist the intern in finding suitable and affordable accommodations. The intern will need their own transportation. School credit may be available, contact your advisor for details.
If there are any questions, feel free to get in touch with the farm directly.