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Precision Farming opportunity

Seeking partner(s) in start up precision livestock farming (PLF) venture.

I have prototype in-field data collection applications & video capture solutions that tie into a home computer, as well as a working farm that is suitable for field testing.

The first step is to refine and integrate them into a working demonstration package. The goal is to design & market a scaleable, turn-key, and low cost solution to small livestock farms world wide.

PLF is critical to helping feed the growing world population, yet there are almost no working systems available (go ahead, search!). I believe this represents an important & wonderful opportunity.

The right person or team will have advanced skills in programing, networking, sound & video production, livestock management, veterinary science, and a commitment to helping feed people.

Experience in Precision Farming preferred. Please submit a c.v. and cover letter. NDA’s will be required.

Farm hand opportunity

There’s 10 to 20+ hrs/wk for several weeks getting ready for winter (am v. behind). Then not so much until spring…. the usual for livestock farms.

Most tasks have a flexible schedule e.g. “done by this Friday”. Others like getting hay, will be scheduled in advance, but then becomes a commitment for that day.

Ideally, this is a long-term part-time job, so the farm’s schedule will work towards accommodating your other commitments. I prefer a two to three week farm work plan set up in advance. For the right person, this will become a regular gig.

Over time responsibilities, hours, and pay rate will increase. Reliability, Aptitude, and Attitude are essential. The farm pays your invoices by check mailed from the bank, we can discuss frequency.

The skills & responsibilities specified for the job are more of a “wish-list” than requirements. For instance, a 30 y.o. man who worked here nearly three years wouldn’t drive the tractor or touch a chain saw. Yet he was indispensable helping me keep up with the farm.

Safety is critical for any work, especially on-farm. No one here would ever be asked to do something they’re not both trained and comfortable with.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to call.

Looking forward to your reply


Absolutely Reliable & Honest. Driver’s License

  • Able to lift heavy objects safely e.g. 50# grain bags, attach 3pt. Hitch tractor implements, etc.
  • Able to use potentially dangerous equipment e.g. chain saw, farm tractor, manure trailer, etc.
  • Able to manage and handle flock with care & in accordance with good animal husbandry
  • Interest or ability to assess & address animal or flock health care needs
  • Able to interact with and inform tourists of farm and local activities
  • Willingness to get pretty dirty 😉

General Farm chores and labor- Assisting or responsible for the following:

  • Feeding, watering, moving grazing paddock fencing
  • Barn, sheds, machinery, gates, and fence maintenance / improvements
  • Pasture and pasture water maintenance / improvements
  • Flock health monitoring
  • Assist and interact with tourists / campers
  • Other tasks as required


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