We welcome all comments from our fans and customers; what we do right, and how we could improve.
Please feel free to say anything about our farm, lamb, or share your culinary experience with us by leaving a comment on this page.
Thank you!
Stephen & Annette

9 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Ca n’t wait to eat this year’s lamb. Last year’s was fabulous. we are looking forward to having at least one every year if not more. We are great supporters of artisanal foods and your farm fits the bill nicely.


  2. Lamb like Lamb should taste. Not since I have been a kid have I tasted the flavor and tenderness of Lamb like The Green Shepherd Farm Lamb. I figure it is the care of the flock, the feed, soil, water and grazing area of Bovina, NY. Now, I know why the first settlers of Bovina raised sheep in Bovina. Thay were Scotish, you know. I have ordered another for next year. Try tasting one for your self and you can enjoy the true flavor of The Green Shephard Farm Lamb.
    John Chimento
    Bovina, NY


  3. We just got a 33 lb (hanging weight) lamb from the Green Shepherd Farm and roasted it whole under charcoal for 25 people. It was absolutely fabulous, juicy and succulent as can be. We look forward to receiving our autumn lamb at the end of the summer. It doesn’t get any better than this.


  4. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/incredible-roasted-shoulder-of-lamb-with-smashed-veg-and-greens

    Just want to let you know that we have been enjoying your lamb.

    Today (maybe being snowed in made me more culinarily ambitious than usual!) I roasted the lamb shoulder ala Jamie Oliver (see recipe above) which meant slow cooking it for 4 hours, made a version of his smashed root vegetables, sauteed greens with garlic (he boiled his) and added peas with mint for good measure. Fabulous! And the lamb did almost melt off the bone as “advertised”– not hurt at all by the delicious sauce.


  5. If you love flavorful, succulent grass-fed lamb raised in the
    rolling pastures of the western Catkill Mountains, you
    won’t do better than contacting Green Shephard Farm.
    Ask for Steve or Annette, shepherds extraordinaire!


  6. Last year we shared a lamb from Green Shephard Farm with good friends. This year we are each ordering our own. Steve and Annette raise these animals with respect and great care. The result is the best lamb we’ve ever tasted. We’re loving this farm to table experience.


  7. I came from NYC to visit Green Shephard Farm on lovely sunny day. I was really impressed with the quality of the land and the care that Stephen has towards his lambs and sheeps. All the animals on the farm were very friendly, serene and healthy; all signs of a great quality product!


  8. I had a lovely visit to the Green Shepherd Farm last week and Stephen & Annette were lovely. Their hospitality was genuine to us, as they were to their sheep. A calm & peaceful place…


  9. I ordered a sheepskin and received it Saturday. I’d been so excited and looking forward to getting it. It is beautiful and luxurious. Stephen was most patient with providing information via pictures and descriptions. This was a sentimental purchase for me. Purely nostalgic. As a child, our grandmother would place a sheepskin in a reading nook near the fireplace and we would curl up and read. Well, I’m an adult now, much larger, but it sure felt great to rest on the sheepskin last night. Since I’m larger, most likely will need another sheepskin. Thanks, again.


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