We welcome your reservation through AirBnB. Please do not contact us directly about camping, as they manage the reservations and make the process simpler for all of us. There are a lot of useful details on our AirBnB pages that should answer most questions about the site and what’s involved in staying here. Please contact us through their site if you would like further information.

Your Tent on a Working Sheep Farm

Enjoy nature and privacy on our 50 acres of wild forest, open pasture land, and spring-fed pond surrounded by Annette’s cultivated wildflower meadow. Share a day or two with birds, wildlife, rare woodland wild flowers, and of course, the sheep. There’s always something to do on the farm to care for them; you’re welcome to help, watch, or ignore it. We don’t have an intern program, so it’s all just fun and learning. Additionally there’s hiking, touring the back roads and bike trails, local shops & farmer’s markets. You can bring a book to read in the shade, bask in the sun, sketch, or just get in some serious chill-time.
Pitch your own tent on an un-improved completely private woodland camp site next to a mountain spring. Oh, and for some reason there are NO MOSQUITOS in Bovina. We have a few camping odds & ends for loan, but you will need to bring your own tent and gear. Firewood starter kit is available from the farm, and there’s plenty more to collect from the forrest. 
This listing is intended for campers with some off-trail experience who are looking for a completely private, no frills camping experience. Think of it as your own private site in the wilderness at the norther end of the Appalachian Trail… plus sheep. Amenities for sprucing up in the morning are limited to outdoor rain-barrels and a cold water tap. There is no outhouse or toilet. We live in a one bath, one bedroom cabin, and list the campsites without formal access to our small home for these and privacy reasons.

Your Telescope on a Sheep Pasture

Star-filled nights perfect for personal astronomy less than 3 hours from NYC. This listing is for experienced astronomy enthusiasts looking for a dark and safe place to park and set up their own equipment. No tents or campfires allowed.

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