These may be the most magnificent portraits of goats and sheep

Horan often finds portraiture to be quite mysterious. Is seeing a powerful portrait truly witnessing the unfolding of the inner self in front of a lens? Or do viewers also project their interpretations onto, and in this case, anthropomorphize, the images? After photographing so many sheep (and countless humans), he still doesn’t know.

Of course sheep have an “inner self”, Horan just needs to spend a little more time with his subjects.

Anyway, I’m surprised there’s no wardrobe or makeup credits!

Source: These may be the most magnificent portraits of goats and sheep you’ll ever see – The Washington Post

Reading the Liver: Papyrological Texts on Ancient Greek Extispicy / Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity

William Furley and Victor Gysembergh bring together in a new edition the papyrus fragments of ancient Greek manuals of extispicy, that is, the inspection of animal entrails to predict the future. From art and literature we already know that the practice was important throughout the historical period in military and civic life, representing a widespread and respected way of taking the omens before embarking on any venture. Now, for the first time, the papyrological texts relating to this branch of the ancient mantic art have been collected, reedited and interpreted. The results show a refined and arcane art relating to the parts and appearance of the sheep’s liver expressed in a symbolic language all its own. In particular the authors examine the question of the degree to which this Greek pseudo-science derives from Mesopotamian extispicy, as has often been claimed.

Source: Haruspices in Berlin or reading the liver with… – Christoph Markschies

Ruhrtriennale 2014 – #1 – „De Materie“

An opera with sheep and a blimp… just wow. I was asked by the wrangler if I could rent them 100 sheep for the production. They’d stay in a “hotel” in NYC. Unfortunately, we’re way too small.
Here’s how I head about it:

Hello Stephen,

I am from All-Tame Animals, an animal agency here in New York City that provides every sort of animal for use in film, theater, opera, photography, etc.  Please check us out at  We are legit, long-established, and have great relationships with the ASPCA and NYC Dept. of Health.
We are currently scouting for 100 sheep to be used from March 19-30 for a performance of DeMetarie, an opera that was successfully performed last year in Germany.