Ruhrtriennale 2014 – #1 – „De Materie“

An opera with sheep and a blimp… just wow. I was asked by the wrangler if I could rent them 100 sheep for the production. They’d stay in a “hotel” in NYC. Unfortunately, we’re way too small.
Here’s how I head about it:

Hello Stephen,

I am from All-Tame Animals, an animal agency here in New York City that provides every sort of animal for use in film, theater, opera, photography, etc.  Please check us out at  We are legit, long-established, and have great relationships with the ASPCA and NYC Dept. of Health.
We are currently scouting for 100 sheep to be used from March 19-30 for a performance of DeMetarie, an opera that was successfully performed last year in Germany.


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